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KLC Third-Party Service Provider (Vendor) Risk Assessment / Management

Anytime your company does business with another company, youíre at risk. Whether itís medical to support healthcare for your employees, human resources to provide administrative functions, or wholesalers you purchase products to run your business, sensitive data sits everywhere. How you protect that information is your responsibility, and the risk of doing little or nothing outweighs the potential catastrophe you may face.

Whatís at stake? Brand reputation, financial stability, customer base, and the future of your company to name a few. Consumers are more aware than ever about the potential impact identity theft can have on their financial well being, and they have the right to have their personal information secured. Intellectual property is the heart of your business, and if itís stored on a computer Ė itís at risk.

KLC has been helping clients safeguard their data and systems for over 10 years, allowing companies to focus on what they do best.

Vendor/Supplier Security Risk Assessment

KLC has conducted hundreds of vendor / supplier security risk assessments for a wide range of clients, including major financial and healthcare institutions. . KLC has (uses?) a defined methodology based on ISO 27001 / 27002, and NIST 800-53, or regulatory compliance assessments such as GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, Mass Privacy Regulation 201 CMR 17 and SOX.


Our methodology on Vendor Security Assessment and Management is as follows:

Build Vendor/Supplier Security Risk Management Program with Optional Automated System

KLC consults with major financial institutions in the development of their Supplier Security Risk Management Programs. In addition, KLC possesses a wealth of knowledge about industry best practices for supplier security risk management, and has advised leading financial and healthcare companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Bank of America, HSBC Bank, and CVS.

When building a supplier security risk program, KLC:

KLC specializes in developing automated vendor security risk management applications to help companies efficiently and effectively manage their supplier security risks.


Client Security Compliance Audit

KLC advises clients in using and following international security standards ISO 27001 / 27002, and government regulations including HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI. We will help our clients:

Help Automate Vendor/Supplier Risk Management

KLC has partnered with ProcessUnity GRC Software to provide SaaS-based and automated supplier risk management. ProcessUnity software provides comprehensive tools to effectively and efficiently manage suppliers, which can range from small companies to large multi-national corporations.

How can ProcessUnity Vendor / Supplier Risk Management (VRM) Software Help your Organization?

Working with the correct tools, KLC can help you:

ProcessUnity VRM Benefits

ProcessUnity VRM Features

With ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management, businesses benefit from:

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