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Our Experience:

KLC Consulting has over 20 years of information security and IT services experience. We enable federal and state government, and Fortune 1000 companies to secure their IT environment and reduce risks. Our experience covers different industries including government, defense, financial, banking, retail, law firms, law enforcement, utility, manufacturing, and aerospace.

KLC's mission is to provide a continuous effort to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your corporate resources and data. Achieving security for your corporate information assets and compliance with new regulations demand constant vigilance and knowledge of what to look for. Through each stage of the information security lifecycle, we help you prevent, detect, respond to, and resolve your enterprise security issues.

KLC encompasses expertise in the Security Assessments, IT Audit, Web, Application, Database, and Network Security, Financial Regulations (FFIEC, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)), Healthcare (HIPAA), PCI and Pharmaceutical (21 CFR Part 11), Privacy Regulations (201 CMR 17), MAC Address (Network Address) based Security, Vulnerability Management and Protection, Security Technologies Design and Implementation, and a full range of Professional Security Services.

Our Contributions:

KLC Consulting also contributes in leading security projects including Cloud Security Alliance's Cloud Security Control Matrix for ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53 / FEDRAMP.

Our Certifications:

We have security professionals with DoD security clearances. We employ DoD 8570.01-M Certified Security, IT Audit, and Privacy professionals including:

KLC has 3 security engineers certified in Varonis applications. Varonis (www.varonis.com) is a powerful solution allowing organizations to better and more easily manage the identity and access of corporate resources. It allows security administrator and data owners to see who has access to files and folders on Windows, Unix/Linux and Sharepoint servers. One of the major features of the product is that it provides the ability to see the impact that access privilege changes or removal has on a particular user or group prior to the implementation, alleviating the fear of changing access privileges.

Just a few examples of what Varonis solves for system administrators and data owners:

KLC is now DCAA Audited and Approved.

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