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KLC Homepage

This is the starting point to find out about all of our services and specialties. The KLC Homepage spotlights services, awards, and industry news....go to the KLC Homepage

Overview & Qualifications

This is an overview of our history, experience, qualifications, and contributions to the cyber-security industry....go to webpage

KLC Team

Get to know our core team -- Kyle, Tarek, and Paul....go to webpage

Teaming & Partnerships

We partner with some of the biggest names in the industry....go to webpage

Cyber Security FAQ

It's easy to get lost in the sea of cyber-security acronyms. Check out our FAQ to decode the alphabet soup and to get a basic description of the most popular cyber-security terminology....go to webpage

KLC Careers

We are always looking for experienced and qualified cyber-security specialists. See what we have to offer....go to webpage

KLC Services

You can find a high-level overview of the services we offer on this page and drill down for more detail....go to webpage

Security Assessment

This page describes the type of assessments we specialize in and provides detailed information....go to webpage

Third-Party Risk Management

See how we can provide assessments and strategy for managing risk when partnering with vendors....go to webpage

Security Engineering

Check out our infrastructure, application, and cloud computing security engineering services (and much more)....go to webpage

Regulatory Compliance

Our certified IT Auditors help federal and state government, financial and banking institutions perform compliant assessment, and help address compliance issues....go to webpage

ISO Services

Need Information Security Officer services for your organization? See all of our ISO services here....go to webpage

KLC Case Studies

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Forensics Analysis

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Disaster Recovery

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IA Performance Management

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HIPAA Security Review

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Privacy & Security Statement

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Legal Disclaimer

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