Why KLC Consulting?

Decades of experience have taught us that cybersecurity breaches are largely preventable when you have right combination of people, processes and technology.

All companies have different security postures and budgetary constraints. At KLC Consulting, our job is to stay ahead of the next cyber threat and regulatory development that affect you and your business.


We don’t over-scope (oversell services) or under-scope (cut corners to underprice competition) services.  We provide effective, cost-sensitive cybersecurity solutions to help safeguard your firm, giving you peace of mind to focus your efforts on running your business successfully.


KLC Consulting Inc. has been serving the cybersecurity needs of government and commercial sector clients since 2002. We only staff senior level cybersecurity consulting engineers.  Clients often refer associates and colleagues because we’re excellent at what we do, we enjoy doing it, and we walk that extra mile with clients to give the very best service we know how to provide.


Our consultants possess between 8 and 20+ years of cybersecurity experience, in addition to underlying professional IT experience.  To be a KLC Consulting security engineer requires high personal integrity, advanced technical skills/certifications (CISSP, CISA, CIPP and others) and excellent verbal/written communication skills.  To see more click here [to certifications page]

Solutions Tailored to You

Our approach recognizes there is no “One Size Fits All” in cybersecurity.  Every client’s needs, budget and internal resources are unique. We:

  • Conduct a scoping call with you and your technical staff to understand your specific need and budget, identifying applicable cybersecurity standards, regulatory requirements, ATO (Authority to Operate) requirements, and/or business associate/insurance contractual requirements.
  • Submit our proposal with a statement of work (SOW) specific to your needs. This details our approach to achieving objectives/compliance, recommended phasing of work completion, project duration, price and payment terms.  We’re open to revising proposals to best serve your needs.
  • Perform the work and submit our deliverable reports with a prioritized list of findings by criticality and recommended remediation/mitigation strategies. We hold a debriefing call to review our findings and answer your questions
  • Provide remediation assistance through a subsequent proposal if you would like our help.


Our Cybersecurity consultants have overlapping areas of specialized practice.  Our quality assurance review process ensures accuracy and completeness in our cybersecurity service offering.  We’re all invested in improving your cybersecurity posture.


We strive to inspire your confidence in our cybersecurity services through our ability to quickly understand your needs and clearly communicate our command of subject matter expertise through polished verbal and written presentation skills.