COVID-19 Third-Party Risk Management Guidance Found in 2008 Financial Crisis Lessons


Businesses globally have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. The trend for decades has been to increasingly rely on the operational flexibility that comes through contracted third-party suppliers and service providers. But that flexibility comes with additional risk: Reliance on their financial and operational stability, but also through taking on their added cybersecurity risks. In a time of crisis, are they sacrificing cybersecurity priorities in their efforts to continue as a going concern?

In all likelihood, yes.


Work Safely From Home With Secure Remote Working Solutions

Many business organizations and public institutions are initiating or increasing temporary “Work From Home” scenarios out of concern for their employees due to the proliferation of the novel Coronavirus. KLC Consulting – Cybersecurity is available to assist their employees and IT staff with the setup of secure home-based remote work solutions. 

  • The design, implementation and management of secure end-to-end remote access solutions. 
  • Secure home-based business network
  • VPN – Home to Office connections with 2 Factor Authentication 
  • 3rd party cloud access solutions, such as: 
    • LogMeIn
    • GoToMyPC
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
    • Microsoft Office 365 Migration
    • On Premises to Cloud Migration Services
  • Provide additional external support to on-premises IT staff in the setup and management of remote access solutions
  • Help employees with technical support matters and interface with on-premises IT staff

To learn measures you can take to Secure Your Home Office Network please check out our video discussion here

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