IDOR Vulnerabilities In Web Applications Video

IDOR Vulnerabilities in Web Applications (Insecure Direct Object Reference) Chances are they’re alive and well in your web applications. The bad news is – if you’re foregoing source code reviews by a security professional and relying on automated scanning tools to detect them, you’re out of luck; you won’t find them. But hackers do. And they can easily exploit them. And we see from the recent Verizon data breach investigation reports that they are.

IDOR Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

Hacking Web Applications and APIs Video

This Hacking Web Applications and APIs Video talks about how to prevent cybercriminals from hacking web applications and API’s:

Why are they difficult to secure?

And what are the risks from these attacks?

Also, how do we improve application security

Hacking Web Applications and APIs Video Thumbnail for the video discussion on YouTube

The pdf file Kyle used for the demonstration is available here


Secure Your Home Office Network Video

Many of us are working remotely from home during the COVID19 pandemic to follow safe social distancing practices but this creates new opportunities for hackers.  How?  Because its highly likely using of an unsafe and unsecure home office network.  If this comes as a surprise and right now, you’re thinking: “Oh, is my home office network not secure?”  The answer almost certainly is:  No, its not secure.  This also diminishes your company’s cybersecurity as it works to protect its confidential information and intellectual property.