KLC Consulting is a cleared candidate CMMC C3PAO firm that provides affordable & flexible NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance consulting solutions
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KLC Consulting is a Cleared Candidate

KLC Consulting is a Cleared Candidate CMMC C3PAO

Our industry uses the term “C3PAO” as the acronym for Certified Third Party Assessment Organization. The CMMC-AB cleared KLC Consulting as a “Candidate CMMC C3PAO”. View our recognition as a Candidate C3PAO on the CMMC-AB marketplace website.

What is the CMMC-AB?

The CMMC-AB is the sole, authorized accreditation and certification partner of the DoD in its CMMC program. The CMMC-AB is responsible for building, accrediting, certifying, and managing the CMMC ecosystem on behalf of DoD.

Responsiblities of a CMMC C3PAO Assessor

Authorized and Accredited CMMC C3PAO firms conduct the CMMC assessments of Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies’ unclassified networks and issue appropriate CMMC certificates based on the results of the assessments. The CMMC-AB licenses C3PAOs to contract and manage CMMC assessments.

KLC Consulting Offers CMMC C3PAO Guidance

We will become fully authorized to conduct CMMC assessments upon achieving successful CMMC Level 2 Assessment, which is performed by DIBCAC (the Defense Contract Management Agency’s “Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Assessment Center”).

Until that time KLC performs CMMC compliance consulting services to help companies become “CMMC Assessment Ready”. We only staff senior-level consultants that possess the top cybersecurity and professional technical certifications including CMMC Registered Practitioners and Provisional assessors.

KLC's CMMC-AB Registered Practitioner and Provisional Assessor badges.  KLC Consulting is a Cleared Candidate CMMC C3PAO

A CMMC C3PAO Can’t Certify AND Consult For The Same Client

CMMC 2.0 requires triennial CMMC C3PAO Assessments for companies who handle “Priority CUI” (a subset of Level 2) and allows for annual self-assessment for select programs with “Non-Priority CUI”. If we’ve performed consulting services to bring you to “Assessment Readiness,” we can’t also perform your CMMC C3PAO assessment due to conflict of interest concerns. However, KLC can refer you to other reputable C3PAO firms to perform your independent assessment. We’ll serve as your liaison and assist you every step of the way.

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