Work Safely From Home With Secure Home Office Network Solutions

Many business organizations and public institutions are initiating or increasing temporary “Work From Home” scenarios out of concern for their employees due to the proliferation of the novel Coronavirus. KLC Consulting – Cybersecurity is available to assist employees and IT staff with the setup of Secure Home Office Network Solutions.

Secure Home Office Network (Continued)

  • The design, implementation and management of secure end-to-end remote access solutions. 
  • Secure home-based business network
  • VPN – Home to Office connections with 2 Factor Authentication 
  • 3rd party cloud access solutions, such as: 
    • LogMeIn
    • GoToMyPC
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
    • Microsoft Office 365 Migration
    • On Premises to Cloud Migration Services
  • Provide additional external support to on-premises IT staff in the setup and management of remote access solutions
  • Help employees with technical support matters and interface with on-premises IT staff

Cybersecurity recommendations to Secure Your Home Office Network and Avoid Identity Theft

In conclusion, we offer the following tips to help you avoid identity theft and secure your home office network:

  1. Update WiFi router firmware or replace router with new model.
  2. Install antivirus software on all Windows and Apple devices; keep up to date.
  3. Update operating systems on all Windows and Apple devices, including mobile devices
  4. Don’t click on email links when you don’t know the sender.
  5. Confirm the legitimacy of a sender you know by mouse hovering over the email address.
  6. Don’t share company laptops with family members.  Separate business use from personal use.
  7. Lock the screen when stepping away from your desk.
  8. Notify your corporate/outsourced IT manager/provider when a virus or malware strikes.
  9. Segregate home WiFi network into distinct business production and home/guest use segments
  10. Consider upgrading to a more secure business grade firewall
  11. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for FREE antivirus software

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