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KLC Consulting connects clients with cybersecurity experts

CMMC Strategic Partners

CMMC Compliance Partners with Effective Solutions

At KLC Consulting, we partner with leading cybersecurity solution providers here in the United States who also specialize in CMMC compliance. We empower Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies with greater knowledge to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and defend against the escalating cyber threats our DIBs face. We are proud to collaborate with these best-in-class partners who share our commitment to effective, affordable, and flexible CMMC solutions.

NeQter Labs and KLC Consulting offer a powerful combination of enterprise level tools and first- class consulting services at an SMB price point. NeQter Labs helps you achieve and maintain your DoD cybersecurity compliance through their NeQter Compliance Engine. NeQter’s plug- and-play solution creates network-wide visibility and control, protects proprietary information, and enhances your cybersecurity posture.

KLC Consulting is proud to partner with and recommend DatAnchor (Anchor) as part of the CMMC compliance programs we develop for clients. Anchor fortifies CMMC compliance by encrypting CUI, reducing the system boundary, and limiting and tracking user access through a simple and intuitive management interface.