Commercial Off The Shelf Exemption

And Let’s Prove DFARS and CMMC Do Not Apply

Is it Commercial Off The Shelf COTS?

Harness DoD-authorized C3PAO expertise for Commercial Off The Shelf COTS Exemption. Avoid unnecessary NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance costs.

Do you make and sell Commercial Off The Shelf COTS products to the DoD or your prime customer? If so, NIST 800-171 and CMMC requirements do not apply. The determination is often very nuanced. A COTS exemption saves the cost of an unnecessary CMMC 2.0 compliance program.

If you believe your products are Commercial Off The Shelf COTS and meet the requirements under applicable federal regulations, we can help you prove it.

COTS Exemptions – An Executive Summary

Your products first need to meet the definition of a commercial item. This means there’s a market for them in the public sector. They’re sold in significant quantity and you have competitors that also sell them. In other words, they’re not “one-offs” that only you sell to the US government. And the price you charge the US government must be the same as it is for your commercial market sales. Further, your products cannot be modified from what you sell in the public sector.

Here’s a simple example: You sell stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers in standard sizes with the same build of materials as those found in local hardware stores. Those qualify as COTS and you’ll be successful in pursuing an exemption from DFARS and CMMC requirements. But if your US government contract requires a higher grade of steel with more strict size tolerances, those won’t qualify for COTS exemption.

Practically speaking however, the determination is more nuanced.

How We Work Together – COTS

  • We analyze the nature of the products you sell to your prime customers and/or the U.S. DoD to determine if they qualify for a COTS exemption.
  • We assess your product functionality and configuration choices to verify they are not custom specifications or tolerances.
  • If we establish that your product’s functionality and options are the same for your DoD and commercial market buyers, we prepare and document a COTS self-determination deliverable package for you to submit to your prime customers.

COTS Exemption

“We received those CUI/DFARS compliance letters from our three prime customers and were thrilled to learn (from KLC ) that we qualify for a COTS exemption. All three approved! Thank you for your help in saving us over $150,000!”

– Rhode Island manufacturer of precious metal alloys

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COTS Exemption

COTS Package

One of our high-value service offerings, complete in 30-45 days.

We work together to provide:

  • A COTS self-determination analysis report for each product in scope and a detailed summary as to whether it does or does not meet the DoD’s COTS qualification requirements
  • One hour debrief call to present deliverable reports and answer all of your questions
  • Relief from non-applicable CMMC level 2.0 and higher requirements (requires approval from the DoD or your prime contractor)

Prices start at $19,550

Dependent upon:

  • Number of products
  • Complexity of products

Not COTS? We’re ready to help you develop your CMMC compliance program

Our Guarantee of the Best Price

C3PAO authorization distinguishes the expert from the wannabe. KLC Consulting will beat the fair market price offered by any other authorized C3PAO for the same consulting or assessment service. Let’s talk.

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2 COTS Case Studies

Here are two case KLC Consulting case studies that show you how to avoid unnecessary CMMC compliance costs.

Case Study #1: COTS exemption for a precision fluid dispensing equipment manufacturer

Case Study #2: COTS exemption for a manufacturer of precious metal alloys

Remediate POAM Deficiencies and Achieve CMMC Compliance

CMMC Consulting

Remediate Your POAM Items

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