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Meet Your CMMC Requirements For
CUI Marking & Labeling

CUI Marking & Labeling Consulting

You’re looking for solutions to mark and label CUI to meet CMMC 2.0 requirements. And you want to understand the best available automated and manual techniques.

Let’s Begin With Training

Before you can successfully utilize technology for CUI marking you need to train your staff to identify what needs marking versus what does not. People don’t typically think about the need to mark CUI documents but it’s necessary for CMMC and DFARS compliance. The biggest challenge is getting your people involved. And training them to understand the importance of marking and how that impacts your company.

Inventory Your CUI

The second biggest challenge is deciding what to do with those thousands of documents accumulated over the past 10-15 years. Where exactly is the line where it says you no longer must worry about marking archive documents? From a financial perspective, it takes significant resources to go back and mark all those documents. But somebody must do it and we help.

CUI Marking & Labeling Automation

A frequent question we hear is: “How do we automate as many of these tasks as possible?” Because the last thing you want is a user to manually input form information – that may not be accurate. The same is true about marking. We can train tools to scan your documents and look for identifiable information and determine whether that should be marked.

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We’ll help you create templates for your organization, templates that are pre-labeled (CUI by type, whether it’s confidential, unclassified, or financial for example). Templates prevent users from creating documents without markings. They must select from one of the predefined templates; that way, you can mark it at the very lowest level of categorization. That’s an easy way to automate. It’s about training your staff so they understand the importance of why we’re doing this. Even before you roll out a CUI Marking & Labeling program for your organization.

KLC Consulting staffs expert resources to help you develop CUI marking and labeling practices, automate the marking and labeling process and achieve CMMC compliance.

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