CMMC Readiness Assessment Service

Readiness Assessment by Industry Sector

KLC Consulting conducts CMMC Readiness Assessments for all Defense Industrial Base sectors:

CMMC and NIST 800-171 Readiness Assessments

We understand the importance of thorough preparation for your CMMC Certification Assessment and Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment (JSVA). Our CMMC Readiness Assessment Service is designed to assist Organizations Seeking Certification with meeting these critical requirements and avoiding the costly implications of a failed assessment. Our team of highly trained Certified CMMC Professionals and Certified CMMC Assessors possess a thorough knowledge of NIST 800-171 and CMMC regulatory compliance for Defense Industrial Base companies. We create tailored engagements for your specific needs, challenges, and unique environment.

Pass your CMMC and JSVA Certification

Are you ready for your CMMC Assessment or Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment?  Be sure: Engage KLC Consulting to conduct a meticulous independent CMMC Readiness Assessment. We follow the same methodology we use in our certification assessment work as a Cyber AB authorized C3PAO Company.

CMMC Readiness Assessment for Fortune 500 and Large Companies

Fortune 500 and other Large Companies frequently contract DoD business through hierarchies of CAGE Code entities. And a rapid history of mergers and acquisitions often creates lag time in vertical IT Integration. Nonetheless, large companies derive CMMC compliance efficiency by grouping CAGE Code Entities into a common System Security Plan according to business function, program, or the type of products sold. KLC Consulting begins a CMMC Readiness Assessment for large companies by reviewing CAGE Code Entity groupings to confirm proper inheritance opportunity alignment of controls and procedures.

CMMC Readiness Assessment for Small and Medium Size Companies.

KLC Consulting kicks off our Readiness Assessment Service by verifying the accuracy of your CUI scope. Just as we do with an actual C3PAO assessment, we employ the current CMMC Assessment Guide and CMMC Assessment Process (CAP). This involves a thorough examination of essential CMMC program documentation including your System Security Plan (SSP) and a review of all required elements, including system boundaries, operating environment, connections, and practice implementation to ensure that all assessment objectives are duly addressed. Moreover, we review your organization’s artifacts – your policies and procedures, which serve as evidence of successful implementation.

Our Guarantee of the Best Price

C3PAO authorization distinguishes the expert from the wannabe. KLC Consulting will beat the fair market price offered by any other authorized C3PAO for the same consulting or assessment service. Let’s talk.

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