Beat the CMMC Level 2 Rush with a JSVA

The clock is ticking for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies. Starting early 2025, achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Level 2 will be mandatory to secure DoD contracts. There’s a tsunami coming with a limited pool of certified assessors and C3PAOs (only 53 C3PAOs to date) to certify 77,000 DIB companies. Logjams are inevitable, potentially jeopardizing your access to lucrative DoD opportunities.

We understand the initial hesitation surrounding CMMC compliance. Changes to the CMMC program, coupled with the perceived complexity and cost, have been a stumbling block for DIB companies to implement NIST 800-171. Don’t get stuck in the queue – your DoD contracts depend on it.

Enter the JSVA to Fast Track Compliance

This is where the Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment (JSVA) becomes a desirable option. In June 2022, the DoD developed the JSVA program as a transitional assessment to reward early CMMC compliance. Per the proposed CMMC Rule, the DoD will convert a successful JSVA, meaning a perfect score of 110, into a CMMC Level 2 certification.  Not only can a JSVA identify and address cybersecurity gaps, but a perfect score translates into a 3-year Level 2 CMMC certification.

Why do a JSVA?

 A JSVA offers several strategic advantages:

  • Fast Track to Certification: Get a head start with a JSVA. A perfect score converts to a 3-year CMMC Level 2 certification upon finalization. Even if you fall short, a successful Delta assessment within 180 days gets you back on track for early certification.
  • Competitive Edge: Showcase your cybersecurity commitment and stand out from lagging competitors. Less competition improves your standing as a trustworthy business partner and opportunities to gain more contracts.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from collaboration between a C3PAO, Cyber AB, and a DIBCAC assessor for a comprehensive evaluation. Your C3PAO leads the JSVA and serves as a liaison between your organization and the DoD.
  • Identify & Address Gaps: Uncover and fix weaknesses in your cybersecurity posture before formal CMMC assessments begin. This ensures that you have a robust long-term cybersecurity strategy and separate you from the pack. 
  • Future-Proof Your Business: By addressing vulnerabilities early on, you can avoid potential contract penalties, reputational damage, and even loss of business opportunities that could result from a cybersecurity incident. 

The JSVA Process

  1. Engage with an authorized C3PAO: The prerequisite to all JSVAs is to contract the assessment with an authorized C3PAO like KLC Consulting.
  2. Readiness Review: We’ll conduct a preliminary readiness review to determine if you’re ready for a JSVA.
  3. Schedule JSVA with Cyber AB: When confirmed ready, we’ll request the Cyber AB coordinate and schedule a JSVA with DIBCAC.
  4. Complete JSVA: DIBCAC determines priority and order of all JSVAs, and schedules the assessment with KLC Consulting.
  5. Results & Certification: Receive JSVA results within 30 days. A successful JSVA will be documented as a “NIST 800-171 HIGH Confidence Assessment” by the DIBCAC. Upon CMMC rule finalization and a perfect SPRS score (110), this transitions into a CMMC Level 2 certification.

Examples of JSVA Success

  • Jaco Aerospace: This small company secured a perfect JSVA score in early 2024. Their proactiveness earned them not only the “Northrop Grumman Supplier of the Year Award 2024” but also additional contracts, demonstrating the JSVA’s positive impact on business.
  • Aero-Glen International: This aerospace leader became the first US company to achieve CMMC 2.0 Level 2 compliance through a JSVA. The company was acquired by Wencor Group in 2023. 

Don’t miss this time-sensitive opportunity! 

If you’re confident that you’re ready for an assessment – beat the rush and reserve your spot today. Lock in your contract with a nominal deposit. KLC Consulting offers JSVAs as a standalone service or discounted bundled service with a Mock “Readiness” Assessment. Contact us today to gain a competitive edge and ensure your success in the future DoD supply chain.

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