CMMC Readiness Review: Preparing for Success

CMMC Readiness Review: Preparing for Success

You already know that the work to become CMMC compliant feels like an unwelcome burden. We get it. But a CMMC Readiness Review ensures that your organization is prepared for a formal assessment. Think of it as a practice-run by a C3PAO that simulates a formal assessment.  It identifies CUI scoping errors and CMMC compliance gaps. Companies are undertaking a CMMC Readiness Review to ensure a successful certification – the first time through.

Understanding the Process

What is a CMMC Readiness Review? In the simplest terms: a thorough evaluation of your SSP against the 320 assessment objectives of CMMC level 2. It is designed to identify areas of non-compliance to address these gaps before the formal assessment.

Why is a Readiness Review Important? Conducting a Readiness Review helps organizations:

  • Identify CUI Scoping Errors and Gaps: Pinpoint specific areas that do not meet CMMC standards.
  • Mitigate Risks: Address vulnerabilities that lead to non-compliance or cybersecurity breaches.
  • Save Time and Resources: Streamline the compliance process, eliminate the need for re-assessments that delay DoD contract opportunities.
  • Enhance Preparedness: Ensure that all necessary controls and documentation are in place for the formal assessment.

Key Components of a CMMC Readiness Review

1. CUI Scoping

  • Identify the CUI you handle and create, and where it touches your people, processes, and technology.

2. SSP Policy and Procedure Evaluation

  • Review existing SSP cybersecurity policies, procedures, and supporting artifacts.
  • Ensure adequacy and alignment with CMMC requirements.

3. Technical Controls Assessment

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of technical controls such as access control, incident response, and data protection.

4.  Determine NIST 800-171 Practices Met / Not Met

  • And “why”, when Not Met

5.  Employee Training and Awareness

  • Evaluate training meets DoD requirements according to roles and responsibilities.

The Review Steps

Initial Consultation

  • Discuss the scope of the readiness review and gather relevant information about the organization’s current cybersecurity posture.

Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of policies, procedures, technical controls, and documentation.
  • Identify gaps and areas of non-compliance.

Reporting and Recommendations

  • Provide a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations.
  • Develop a remediation plan to address identified gaps.

Follow-Up and Support

  • Offer ongoing support to implement recommendations and ensure readiness for the formal CMMC assessment.
  • Conduct follow-up evaluations as needed to monitor progress and address any new issues.

Benefits of a CMMC Readiness Review

Increased Likelihood of Successful Certification: Pass your formal CMMC assessment on the first attempt.

Reduced Compliance Costs: KLC Consulting offers a discount on the cost of your formal assessment because we’re already familiar with your business and SSP after we complete a CMMC Readiness Review.

Improved Trust and Credibility: Demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity and compliance to clients, partners, and regulators.

A CMMC Readiness Review is a critical step in achieving CMMC compliance. By conducting a thorough evaluation of your organization’s cybersecurity practices, identifying gaps, and providing actionable recommendations, a readiness review sets the stage for a successful CMMC assessment. Investing in a readiness review not only enhances your cybersecurity posture but also ensures that your organization is well-prepared to meet the rigorous standards of the CMMC framework. For more information on CMMC readiness reviews, contact us today.

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