Case Studies

COTS Exemption Case Study #1

The Challenge From Our Client Files: COTS Exemption Case Study #1. A precision fluid dispensing equipment manufacturer sought our help with CMMC and DFARS clause compliance.  They received letters from their DoD prime customer about Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and asking where they were at in their compliance program: Our client sought to “do the […]

COTS Exemption Case Study #2

COTS Exemption for a Manufacturer of Metal Alloys From Our Client Files COTS Exemption Case Study #2: A precious metals manufacturer asked us for help with DFARS compliance. They received letters from 3 of their DoD prime customers about Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and asking where they were at in their compliance program: Don’t assume […]

Case Studies

Case Study: HIPAA Security Assessments & Reviews

HIPAA Security Review Client: XXXXXX Type of Service: HIPAA Security Review The KLC Consulting Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Team was hired to perform a HIPAA security review for a client and a web application forensics analysis. The purpose for the HIPAA project was to evaluate the compliance of Federal HIPAA security regulation. The purpose […]

Case Studies

Case Study: Information Assurance Performance Management

Provide IA Performance Management to include project management, independent review, implementation, Certification and Accreditation (C&A), ST&E, and IV&V. Client: DoD IT Organization Type of Service: IA Performance Management KLC Consulting, Inc. provisions of integrated service, configuration and performance management for SMA’s on the IASE Portal on NIPRNET and SIPRNET, DKO and DKO-S to improve and […]

Case Studies

Case Study: Disaster Recovery Services and Application Development Design

Perform a Disaster Recovery and Risk Impact Assessment for a large national health institute. Client: Major National Health Institute Type of Service: Disaster Recovery and Business Risk Impact Assessment The KLC IV&V Team started the project by analyzing the mission and the objectives of the client organization, and works closely with the CIO’s staff to […]

Case Studies

Case Study: Incident Response and Forensics Analysis Services

We are experts in computer forensics, and we provide comprehensive incident response and analysis services. When electronic invasion occurs we: Evaluate the type of attack to accurately identify its origin, Contain the attack so that it cannot affect other systems, and Provide step-by-step analysis and incident documentation. In addition, we have the following capabilities to […]